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Sustainable Bowdoin: College Installs First ‘Green’ Roof Archives

The Heating Plant has a cool new rooftop. Planting materials for the campus’ first living, or “green,” roof arrived Tuesday and were hoisted to the top of the building housing the College’s high-efficiency, low emissions, dual-fuel (natural gas and #2 oil) boiler.

In addition to enhancing the view for neighbors on the upper floors of the nearby Buck Center, the green roof – comprising a variety of flowering plants – also reduces the urban “heat island” effect, extends the life of the roof, and absorbs rain water. Read about Sustainability at Bowdoin.

2 thoughts on “Sustainable Bowdoin: College Installs First ‘Green’ Roof

  1. Trey Hutchinson

    As an employee of a ” living roof ” applicator and 93 Alum of Bowdoin College, I applaud the administration for its foresight.

    One day, hopefully, all roofs will be green roofs. The upfront costs are substantial. The long term benefits are immeasurable in my opinion.

    Well done,


    Trey Hutchinson 93′
    Supreme Green Technologies
    Dallas, TX

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