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Slideshow: Pumpkin Pi Proves Integral to Bowdoin Math Department Archives

Last Halloween, Amanda Gartside ’12 botched up infinity. This year, the math major is shooting for something a bit more manageable, like pi. Pumpkin pi, that is.

Gartside is one of the student organizers of the Math Department’s annual pumpkin carving event. The informal get-together of students, professors and their families has become a tradition in the math department, with students attempting to outdo each other with Bowdoin and math-themed jack o’ lanterns.

“It’s as creative as the students are,” says Jennifer Taback, associate professor of mathematics. “One year somebody tried to carve one of the professor’s faces. I don’t think it came out too well …”

Gartside says she looks forward to the event all year. “This was one of the things that attracted me to the math department in the first place, when I was a freshman,” she says. “I saw the department had a sense of togetherness.”

The pumpkins will be on display on the steps of Searles Hall, the math department’s home. Currently more than 100 students are majoring and minoring in mathematics at Bowdoin.

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  1. Sarah Sirois

    Love this idea! Hope we get to see the creations! I am a Math major of the class of 1984 now teaching grades 5 and 6 math and loving it!

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