Slideshow: Philosophy Students Tee Up Favorite Slogans

“We read Kant so you don’t have to.”

Leave it to philosophy students to come up with pithy yet cerebral slogans for T-shirts. For the third year in a row, the department has printed tees, holding a contest for the best slogan. This year’s winner, suggested by philosophy major John Clarke, is: “Philosophy is the cure for which there is no disease.”

“As this may suggest, one reason for the T-shirts is just to have fun,” says Assistant Professor of Philosophy Sarah Conly.

“Lots of student send in quotations, or variations on quotations. “˜I think therefore I am a philosophy major,’ which we used in a past year, is a variation on Descartes’ “˜I think therefore I am.’ So, hopefully, they enjoy looking up their favorite philosophical bon mots. Those who don’t use quotations often just think of what they may find amusing – a lot of the suggestions are self-deprecating humor. Philosophers, among their many virtues, are modest and unassuming. So, people enjoy that process.”

Conly says the shirts build solidarity among philosophy students and stimulate conversation with those curious about the major or eager to discuss the slogan.