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Slideshow: October Nor’easter Archives

On the 20th anniversary of the Nor’easter known as “The Perfect Storm,” another historic October Nor’easter has made it up the east coast with less devastating effect. The latest Halloween storm spooked the Eastern Seaboard with heavy snow and winds and created an interesting mix of autumnal and winter colors on campus this morning.

3 thoughts on “Slideshow: October Nor’easter

  1. Peter E. Zelz '80

    You know it’s not “Nor’easter”, right? It’s “Noth-eastah”. “Nor’easter” is a perversion created by the talking heads. Sounds like the alma mater, or at least the public affairs shop, may have been taken over by folk from away. Shame.

  2. Elmer Ford

    Well, my folks, both born and bred Maniacs (what we were called back then) always said “Naw-easta”

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