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Slideshow: Bowdoin Dining Celebrates Maine Culinary Traditions Archives

As an early observation of National Food Day, coming up Monday, Oct. 24, Bowdoin Dining hosted another in a series of locally sourced meals, calling this one “Celebrating Maine Culinary Traditions.”

Held Thursday evening at both dining halls, the menu was almost entirely local, comprising such dishes asĀ roasted squash soup, Maine fish chowder and shrimp cakes, and pot pies and Yankee pot roast with Maine chicken and beef.

Phil Gaven, owner of the Honey Exchange in Portland, and David Israel, beekeeper and associate director of communications for new media, were on hand in Thorne Hall along with bees, a honeycomb, and, of course, honey. Two people from Greenwood Orchards in Turner, provider of Dining’s local apples, spoke with Moulton Union diners.