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Podcast: Jennifer Scanlon’s Insightful Views of Women’s History Archives

Jennifer Scanlon

Jennifer Scanlon

Jennifer Scanlon presents a lively view of women’s history in a lecture inaugurating her appointment as William R. Kenan Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies.

In her Oct. 17, 2011, talk, “Taking Women Seriously, Wherever We Find Them,” Scanlon presented three case studies from her work that reflect themes in the discipline: The Shopper, The Popular Women’s Magazine Reader, and Behind-the-Scenes Political Organizer.

“˜Imagine my surprise in my early 20s to discover, in my quest to find a way to merge my personal and intellectual passions, the field of women’s history,” begins Scanlon. “Here was a field in which I could be deliberately feminist, not hide my desire to claim the value of women’s work, not shy away from exploring what women do in daily life, not apologize for finding women as fascinating, imperfect and complex as men.”

Listen to a podcast recording of Scanlon’s talk.