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Lisa Belisle ’92 Hosts New ‘Dr. Lisa Radio Hour & Podcast’ Archives

This fall, WLOB 1310 AM (Portland) launched the “Dr. Lisa Radio Hour & Podcast,” broadcast each Sunday at 11 am (streaming at The show’s “focus is health and wellness, from an individual, family and community perspective,” says eponymous host Lisa Belisle ’92. “We build on themes discussed on our website and blog. I’m joined by co-host (and Maine Magazine wellness editor) Genevieve Morgan ’89.”

Each week on the show, Lisa reads a quote from her book, Our Daily Tread, which honors her late classmate Hanley Denning ’92. Sales of Our Daily Tread have raised more than $22,000 for Safe Passage, the Guatemalan educational non-profit that Hanley founded.

Lisa Belisle '92, Mark Swann '84, and Genevieve Morgan '89

Lisa recently reported that in September she and Genevieve interviewed Mark Swann ’84, 2001 Bowdoin Common Good Award-winner, who has been with the non-profit charitable organization Preble Street in Portland for the past twenty years.

Downloads and summaries of the “Dr. Lisa Radio Hour & Podcast” are available at