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Bowdoin on the Mound for Team ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Archives

Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd once again showed off his Polar Bear pride, this time sporting a Bowdoin sweatshirt as he took the mound for Seattle Grace Hospital in a softball game against rival Seattle Presbyterian in the opening scene of the episode, “Put Me In, Coach,” which aired Oct. 27, 2011. Over the last three years, viewers of the hit ABC series Grey’s Anatomy have seen Maine native Patrick Dempsey’s character in his Bowdoin T-shirt (frequently worn as sleepwear) and a Bowdoin Hockey baseball cap.

Watch the October 27, 2011, episode and read about how the Bowdoin-Grey’s Anatomy connection came to be. Photo courtesy: ABC.

2 thoughts on “Bowdoin on the Mound for Team ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

  1. Keith Halloran '77

    Why do we applaud actors who never went to Bowdoin nor earned a degree there because they are famous playing a fictional character on a silly TV show ??? Isn’t this like the 4rth or 5th time that this actor’s getting more Bowdoin buzz because he wears Bowdoin stuff on TV (where is isn’t a real doctor but plays one on TV) and also when he wears stuff in real life … I say give the Dr. McDreamy spin a break … I wear Bowdoin stuff, too, but I earned it.

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