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Photo Gallery: Down and Dirty at Bowdoin Organic Garden Archives

At a recent Dining Department meeting, managers were asked to present their topics Pescha Kucha style. The Japanese term, translated as “chit-chat,” refers to the presentation methodology in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each.

In presenting some beautiful photos from the Bowdoin Organic Garden, BOG Manager Katherine Creswell’s reported that the basil crop is exceeding expectations – good news for Dining Service, which uses 30 pounds (and a pound of garlic) at a time for its fresh pesto recipe.

Creswell is also experimenting with her first wheat crop at the Wolfe’s Neck Farm garden plot. Dining will use the grain for its many wheat berry salad recipes, one of which is posted in the “Favorite Recipe” section of the Dining website.

View a photo gallery of images from the Bowdoin Organic Garden.