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Cecily Upton ’03 Among FoodCorps Founders (Dash) Archives

Cecily Upton '03

Cecily Upton ’03 is taking on the national health crisis – with an army she helped create.

Upton is co-founder of FoodCorps, an organization comprising young leaders who dedicate a year of their lives to engaging school children in healthy eating habits and providing nutritional education.

“By leveraging federal funds and the revitalized public service program of AmeriCorps, FoodCorps aims to provide the people-power necessary to change the school food environment in communities that need it most,” says Upton in the Dash article.

“This is more than just another food pyramid poster on the cafeteria wall, FoodCorps is a school food army, putting boots on the ground in service for healthier kids.”

Upton is also an accomplished photographer whose work has been exhibited across the country and in Switzerland.