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‘Anna Hepler’s Head’ at Brunswick’s Coleman Burke Gallery Archives

From the Dan Dowd exhibition "Anna Hepler's Head" at Brunswick's Coleman Burke Gallery through November 13, 2011.

As its name suggests, Anna Hepler’s Head, an exhibition at Brunswick’s Coleman Burke Gallery, is all about the head of Hepler, who was a visiting assistant professor of art at the College.

The installation stems from a series of photographs taken by assemblage artist, photographer and Museum Security Officer Dan Dowd on the Quad in May 2009.

As a book of these photos took shape, Dowd’s need to work with an object in the third dimension grew, giving rise to the installation’s large-scale “head” replete with photographs printed on fabric.

The exhibition is on display through November 13, 2011.

One thought on “‘Anna Hepler’s Head’ at Brunswick’s Coleman Burke Gallery

  1. Rebecca T. Halbrook

    Recommended highly; do yourself a favor and go to see this exhibition. The artist, Dan Dowd, is a neighbor and friend and shows his immense talent in this installation. It is magnificent.

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