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Prof. Murthy Quoted: Social Media Changes the Game of College Athletic Recruiting (New York Times) Archives

Professor Dhiraj Murthy in Bowdoin's Social Network Innovation Lab. Photo by Brian Wedge '97.

College coaching staffs have scrambled to keep up with the fast-moving ways their players-and prospective players-communicate. According to The New York Times, social media has changed the entire athletic recruiting process and has become the new norm, with more than fifty percent of coaches and recruits claiming to use Facebook as their primary means of interaction, and Twitter right behind.

The article quotes Bowdoin Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology Dhiraj Murthy (@dhirajmurthy) who runs Bowdoin’s Social Network Innovation Lab. Murthy teaches a course called “In the Facebook Age” and authored the forthcoming book Twitter: Social Communication in the Twitter Age.

It mirrors a lot of societal changes -Dhiraj Murthy