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Sharing a ‘Question-Driven’ Life (New York Times) Archives

New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks, who delivered the 2011 Tom  Cassidy Lecture, writes of what he calls a question-driven life, led by the kind of person who not only constantly amasses knowledge, but proactively offers it to the world.

Brooks finds such a soul in Philip Leakey, who was raised in the Kenyan bush by famed paleoanthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey, and who went on to become the first white Kenyan to win election to Parliament after independence.

Leakey and his wife Katy, an artist who baby-sat for Jane Goodall, have created an enterprise called the Leakey Collection, which employs more than 1,000 of the local Maasai to make, among other things, jewelry carried by the Bowdoin Bookstore and The College Store.