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Photo Gallery: First-Years Arrive, Prepare for Pre-O Trips Archives

Many of the newest Polar Bears have arrived on campus, staying just long enough to have a look around before taking off on various pre-orientation trips.

Nearly 80 percent of first-years are are participating in 36 Bowdoin Outing Club trips, four community immersion experiences coordinated by the Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good and the Bowdoin Science Experience.

Before leaving on their trips, the Class of 2015 and their families had the opportunity to see their rooms, attend a reception with President Mills and enjoy a pre-pre-orientation trip barbecue.

View a gallery of images by Michele Stapleton.

One thought on “Photo Gallery: First-Years Arrive, Prepare for Pre-O Trips

  1. Ron Golz 1956

    I really do not get it. Why do we call Freshman “First Years”? As far as I know we are one of a handfull of colleges
    who use this term. I suspect it is an accomodation for the “politically correct crowd.” Following their demented
    logic we should rename Sophmore’s Second Years: Juniors Next to last years, and Seniors Last Years.

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