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Polar Bears up and down the Eastern Seaboard report feeling the rumble in the wake of the 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered in Richmond, Virginia.

Felt it near Wall Street, NYC. Thought my building was going to collapse. We all evacuated for about half an hour.

Baltimore, Maryland. Felt like a freight train came through our living room.

Associate Director for Online Communications Holly Sherburne was interviewed for a story in the Bangor Daily News, in which she speaks of alumni up and down the East Coast weighing in on Bowdoin’s Facebook and Twitter pages about their experiences.

Read the Bangor Daily News article and view the Bowdoin College Facebook page with earthquake responses from more than 60 alumni.

One thought on “Alumni Feel Effects of Virginia Earthquake

  1. Hubert S. Shaw, Jr.

    I was sitting in my den in Southport, North Carolina, yesterday when the house started to shake and my bookcases were swaying and some dishes rattled. I turned on the TV to discover that there was a large earthquake in Virginia. The epicenter was over 300 miles away from my home. The only other eathquake I remember was in the 1950’s when I lived in Brunswick, Maine, on Mere Point Road. In that earth quake, the dishes and glasses sounded like they were breaking and the house swayed, creaked and groaned quite violently. We were all quite scared because we never expected an earthquake in Maine. Hugh Shaw ’65

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