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Video: Sean Kleier ’09 Takes ‘Independence Day’ Message to Street Archives

Comedian and irreverent patriot Sean Kleier ’09 spent the Fourth of July on the streets of New York City reminding anyone who would listen – passersby, subway commuters, patrons at Subway and Starbucks – about the greatness of our nation (and the 1996 film Independence Day) with a stirring recitation of Bill Pullman’s famous pre-intergalactic-alien-war speech.

One thought on “Video: Sean Kleier ’09 Takes ‘Independence Day’ Message to Street

  1. Sean Kleier

    BOWDOIN SUN! Can’t tell you how excited I am you guys threw this up on your website! Just wanted to say thank you! Tell Bobo I miss her and hopefully I’ll be back for homecoming. Thanks again!

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