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After going undefeated into the sweet 16 of the 2011 RoboCup World Championships in Isantbul, Turkey, Bowdoin’s Northern Bites was knocked out by consecutive losses to Texas and the Nao Devils of Germany. “We started out great – had a wicked shot on goal from half field, but the Texas goalie dove and made a spectacular save,” recaps Professor Eric Chown. “Then we had the ball in the Texas goalbox but couldn’t quite kick it in for the score.”

The match against the Nao Devils was another nail biter “with lots of chances for both sides,” says Chown. “We finished in the top 16 in the world.  We’re a bit disappointed because we always aim high, but it is still an amazing achievement to do so well in something so difficult that involves 27 of the best schools in the world.”

While Northern Bites came up a bit short this year, they’ve had a remarkable run the past few seasons, winning the World Championship in 2007, winning the US Open in 2008, runner up at the US Open in 2009 & 2010, and taking third at the Open this year.

For more on the team and a full recap of this year’s World Championships, visit the Northern Bites blog.

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