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Pull up and raise a crinkle-cut French fry to 56 years of Fat Boy. The drive-in on Bath Road opened its doors on this day back in 1955.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Fat Boy!

  1. alan n. hall

    I had my first lobster roll at the Fat Boy in 1962. We were looking for land to buy for summer homes. A year later, on land near Christmas Cove, a motley crew of school teachers and high school students gathered and built three modest summer cottages. Making this all possible was a wise, wonderful, patient retired carpenter from Brunswick, friend of one of the teachers. Over other summers and during spring breaks for the teachers, he continued to finish and improve the cottages.

    His name was Charlie Purington, and there are grown-up children who remember him as “the man who built The Fat Boy.” And there are parents who remember with thanks his creation of many happy summers.

  2. CM

    To celebrate the day he dropped me off at Bowdoin, my dad (’73) took me to Fat Boy for a grilled cheese. It was delicious (as always), but I don’t recommend it for a nervous, first-day-of-college stomach!

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