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Cape Sheridan: From Maine to the Arctic in 2011 Archives

Some 100 years after Robert E. Peary trekked to the Arctic in his quest to attain the North Pole, archaeologists Susan Kaplan and Genevieve Lemoine, director and curator, respectively, of The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, are preparing to make their own journey.

They are bound for Cape Sheridan, Ellesmere Island, part of the Arctic archipelago, to study the archaeological remains of over-wintering sites established by Greenlandic Inughuit families who lived there during the winters of 1905-06 and 1908-09.

In their blog Cape Sheridan: From Maine to the Arctic in 2011, Kaplan and Lemoine write about preparations for their trip north in late July. They also explore the similarities and differences in these expeditions undertaken a century apart.