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Bowdoin Profs Show How to Have It All with ‘Professor Mommy’ Archives

Bowdoin professors Rachel Connelly and Kristen Ghodsee have thrown out a rope to women scholars in hopes of helping them get a foothold in the slippery slopes of academia without having to forgo motherhood.

The pair has just written Professor Mommy: Finding Work-Family Balance in Academia, a book that offers step-by-step guidance for women at all stages of their families and careers.

“We wrote this book because we felt it was important for young women like our students to hear that it was possible to be in academia and have fulfilling family lives,” says Connelly.

“It’s not an either-or choice anymore. The academy is full of women. Bowdoin, has a high percentage of women faculty members, many of them mothers. If you’re smart about how you do it, it can be done.”

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