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Artist Johannes Girardoni ’89 in 54th Venice Biennale Archives

From “The (Dis)appearance of Everything,” Johannes Girardoni ’89, installation with resin, LEDs and Spectro-Sonic Refrequencer, 2011.

The work of sculptor and installation artist Johannes Girardoni ’89 will be part of the 54th Venice Biennale, the major contemporary art exhibition taking place biennially in Venice, Italy.

Girardon’s exhibition, The (Dis)appearance of Everything, is an interactive multi-media installation that converts light to sound.

“It was clear when Johannes was at Bowdoin that he was someone with enormous talent, and it’s wonderful to see his working pushing the boundaries still farther – and being recognized for it – all these years later,” says Mark Wethli, Bowdoin’s A. LeRoy Greason Professor of Art.

“It’s been exciting to see his practice grow from very elegant sculptural wall objects, with which he’s been very successful, to multi-media installations that incorporate sound and light, painting over large-format photos, and collaborating with leading architects like Maya Lin and Tom Kundig.”

The (Dis)appearance of Everything will be on view at the Venice Biennale through November 27, 2011.