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Video: Sen. George Mitchell ’54 on the Middle East, Part II (WCSH) Archives

Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell ’54 continues the conversation about the Middle East peace mission on the WCSH newsmagazine 207.

Watch Part 1 here.


One thought on “Video: Sen. George Mitchell ’54 on the Middle East, Part II (WCSH)

  1. Dave Stocking '66

    I will never forget hearing Prof. Ernest Helmreich saying on his return from the Middle East that if there ever were a third world war, the flash point to start it would be in the Middle East. The divisions between Jews and Arabs are too deep, too intractable. Ancestral blood vengeance rules, both ways: “I will destroy you because you killed and wounded members of my family. Forgiveness or apology would be an even greater humiliation for me.” Forty-five years later, George Mitchell’s comments seem to line up rather precisely with Professor Helmreich’s observations.

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