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Video: Bowdoin in the City – The Big Finish Archives

They are four recent Bowdoin grads taking on the big city, but first, they had to take on the renovation of their Brooklyn loft. Filmmaker Alex Colby ’10 and his roommates Sally Hudson ’10, Elizabeth Jones ’09 and Alexi Thomakos ’10 had nine days to make it happen. In this final installment in our Bowdoin in the City series, we see it all come together.

9 days from Alex K Colby on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Bowdoin in the City – The Big Finish

  1. Michael Wood

    I loved watching all this. But am so confused at the end because the final camera angle switch left me wondering what the actual final product looked like! Maybe you’ll do a walk-through guided tour epilogue?

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