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Kent Island, home of the Bowdoin Scientific Station (BSS), has been a flurry of activity as it prepared to welcome Bowdoin students and researchers from around the world for the field season.

BSS recently took the wraps off a new solar water heater, along with new photovoltaic panels and a battery bank.

“It was a literal unveiling because the collector tubes had to remain shaded during assembly until the tank was filled with water,” says BSS Director Damon Gannon. “It’s a gloriously sunny day here on Kent Island, made even finer by the thought of the sun heating 158 liters of water.”

In addition to water for showers, the new solar hot water system provides an easier, not to mention more sustainable way of washing dishes. Previously, water for the task had to be heated on the propane-burning stove.

BSS, the first division of the College to embrace renewable energy, has been generating its electrical power from solar panels since 1989.

Conditions were less than stellar for workers trying to fit in dormitory renovations before the start of the field season. The storm before the calm, as it were, hit during much of May when the project was hampered somewhat by 13 inches of rain and 12 days of gale-force winds.

“Like” Kent Island

Like Kent Island, but doubt you can make the 12-hour, three-boat-ride trip?

A Kent Island Facebook page has been created to keep you updated on the goings-on out there in the Bay of Fundy.


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  1. Mike Coster

    Kent Island summer residents.
    Welcome to part of New Brunswick.
    I follow with interest your activities on Kent Island.
    Have a good summer !!
    Mike Coster

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