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Maine Gov. Paul LePage Addresses Business Community in Thorne Hall Archives


Bowdoin hosted the Brunswick Downtown Association’s breakfast event June 23 in Thorne Hall, featuring special guest speaker Maine Governor Paul LePage. The governor addressed the crowd of about 140 people at the business-focused event, speaking about his tax relief plan, curbing state government spending and his commitment to reducing energy costs in Maine. LePage’s remarks were followed by a question-and-answer period. Director of Dining and Bookstore Services Mary Lou Kennedy is a member of the BDA Board of Directors.


5 thoughts on “Maine Gov. Paul LePage Addresses Business Community in Thorne Hall

  1. Charles Wick

    Le Page is an inspiration and I think a very excellent Governor. You Mainites are so lucky to have him. I wish I could have him down here in Little Rhody where nothing ever changes and we are slowly suffocating under the misrule of our usual suspects.

  2. David Dickson, Class of '76

    I don’t question Bowdoin’s decision to host Governor Le Page since he is the elected governor of the state(by a plurality in a three-way race). Nonetheless, I take issue with the first e-mail response which speaks favorably of the governor. As opposed to being an inspiration, he is an embarassment to the state of Maine and departs radically from Maine’s tradition of moderation and centrism. From Margaret Chase Smith to former Senators Cohen and Mitchell, and current Senators Collins and Snow, Maine has cultivated a spirit of bi-partisanship, understanding, and pluralism. As a member of the radical Christian fundamentalist and Tea Party right, reminiscent of Joe McCarthy’s supporters and the John Birch Society, Governor Le Page represents the intolerant fringe of American society. His racially insensitive and overtly anti-labor remarks and behavior are a disgrace and will do nothing to bring business and properity to Maine.

  3. David Dickson, Class of '76

    I hope in the Bowdoin spirit of frank and honest debate that my remarks are published. My Dad(class of ’41) was on the Bowdoin debate team and debated the transcendent issue of whether the United States should enter WWII. Surely a discussion on the relatively minor issue of the propensities of Governor Le Page can be included in your published responses. I welcome all comments and critques!

  4. Neil B. Martin,Class of '65

    As a Maine businessman,who has struggled in a somewhat less than hospitable business environment,eminating from an Augusta dominated by 30 odd years of Democratic influence,I find Governor LePage,and his approach to future growth,quite refreshing.Polished and tactful,probably not,but sincere in his belief in Mainers’ ability to forge a better future,through hard work,and more limited governmental meddling.

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