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Family, friends, and former colleagues gathered Thursday afternoon in the Burton-Little House-the College admissions building-to honor the memory of Richard E. Steele, Bowdoin’s dean of admissions and financial aid emeritus, who passed away in March 2010. President Barry Mills presided at the dedication of the Richard E. Steele Room, where prospective students and their families gather to learn about the College. He was joined by Dick Steele’s widow, Deborah Snite, Dick Steele’s children and grandchildren, and the deans of admission from a number of colleges, universities, and secondary schools-including Bowdoin’s former dean, Jim Miller, now at Brown-and the deans from Colgate, Georgetown, Harvard, Stanford, Middlebury and Princeton.


(L to r.) Alison Steele Carter, Kristen Steele Kushcke, President Barry Mills, Deborah Snite and Jonathan Steele (Bowdoin Class of 1997).


One thought on “In Honor and Memory of Dick Steele

  1. John Gibbons'64

    Fitting recognition of a special member of the Bowdoin family. We will always remember his willingness to come out of retirement to help Bowdoin admissions.

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