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Bowdoin’s Charles Dorn on ‘Troubled History’ of Charter Schools (Portland Press Herald) Archives

Charles Dorn

Associate Professor of Education Charles Dorn writes of charter schools, a concept that he says was designed to achieve one set of goals, but manipulated over time to attain others. “[I]t has increasingly had the effect of weakening public education,” writes Dorn in the Portland Press Herald op-ed piece.


2 thoughts on “Bowdoin’s Charles Dorn on ‘Troubled History’ of Charter Schools (Portland Press Herald)

  1. Charles Bridge

    No news here – the education establishment has fought every innovation designed to rescue our failing public schools unless of course it includes truckloads of additional money for teachers and administrators.

  2. Bruce Lynskey

    You’re absolutely correct. I am quite wary of peer-reviewed academic ‘studies’ these days. Academia is highly polluted with professors with (social) agendas. They know the outcomes that they want their ‘studies’ to reach and determine a way to get there.
    The dismal state of our failed public education system – and don’t for a minute believe that the defective products of that system automatically fix themselves before they pop out of college – is one of the prime contributing factors to the growing disparity of incomes in this country. One thing I can promise you, with a 100% certainly, is the income disparity is going to continue to rapidly accelerate. As one of the previous unions leaders aptly stated, ‘If the students paid union dues, we would care about them’.

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