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Big Interest in ‘Little Ivies’ (China Daily) Archives

© Blind Dog Photos, IncTop Chinese high school student Zhao Chunyi had her pick of China and America’s best colleges and universities, but “has decided to attend Bowdoin College, a US liberal arts school widely regarded as a member of the country’s ‘Little Ivies,’ writes China Daily, in an article about the trend of high-achieving Chinese students choosing to attend “renowned American” colleges and universities.

Peking University only values how much I score on the NCEE, but Bowdoin values who I am.

One thought on “Big Interest in ‘Little Ivies’ (China Daily)

  1. David B Kessler '57

    While we value Zhao’s comment, it might be better to keep such thoughts to oneself if plan is to return to China. Hope no one is offended.

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