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Andy Bell ’11 Crosses the Divide On His Quad-Burning Journey Home Archives

Andy Bell ’11 has taken “commute another way” to an epic level. He hopped on his bike in Brunswick one month ago today and just crossed the Continental Divide, halfway home to Diamond Bar, California. We put it in the big ring and caught up with Andy (okay, we emailed) for a quick Q&A:

Bowdoin Daily Sun: What prompted the ride:

Andy: Motivation for the ride came from my desire to explore the parts of the country that I had never visited before. After four years of flying from coast to coast, I had never been to any of the states in the middle part of the country. I wanted to go on an extended bike tour after doing the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia through the Beyond the Pines fellowship from the BOC.

My route is from Brunswick to Diamond Bar, California, which is my hometown in southern California. I thought that it would be fun to ride all the way back home. I am about halfway done at this point.

BDS: What’s been the best part of the trip so far?

Andy: The best part of the trip is getting to sleep at a new spot every single night. Each place that I have camped has had a distinctive flavor. Each place sounds and smells slightly different. It has been great to meet interesting people from the different parts of the country.

BDS: The worst?

Andy: The worst part (so far) is being chased by all the dogs. On one rural road in Ohio, I was chased by eight dogs at the same time. It definitely adds a bit of excitement.

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