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Alumni Musicians to Play Prof. Elliott Schwartz Premier at American Composers Alliance Festival Archives

The five alumni of the Bowdoin New Music Ensemble with Robert K. Beckwith Professor of Music Emeritus Elliott Schwartz.

A quintet of Bowdoin alumni will premier Robert K. Beckwith Professor of Music Emeritus Elliott Schwartz’s new composition, “Darwin’s Dream,” this Friday, June 17, as part of the American Composers Alliance Festival in New York City. The concert will take place at Symphony Space (95th Street and Broadway), at 7:30 pm. The performers – Olivia Madrid ’10, Akiva Zamcheck ’11, Katie Cushing ’10, Peter McLaughlin ’10, and Abriel Ferreira ’10 – are known as the Bowdoin New Music Ensemble, and are the same group who performed Professor Schwartz’s music at Symphony Space last year.

“What makes this event special is the use of multi-media,” says Professor Schwartz, “not only the five live performers, but an electronic sound track, and a film of visual images created by my wife Dorothy ‘Deedee’ Schwartz H’04. The images are all related to the life and work of Charles Darwin, and were part of Deedee’s 2009 art show celebrating the Darwin bicentennial that year.”

In addition, Albany Records recently released a new CD of Schwartz’s music, including “Darwin’s Dream.” Another piece on that disc, “String Quartet No.2: for Louise and Aaron,” will be performed this summer on campus at the Bowdoin International Music Festival.