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Slideshow: ‘Maine: An Artist’s Retreat’ (Spanierman Gallery) Archives

Maine: An Artist’s Retreat, a wide-ranging exhibition of works by artists with Maine connections and boasting names such as Bellows, Katz and Wyeth, opens May 12 at the Spanierman Gallery in New York City (and runs through June 11). Can’t make it to Manhattan? The Spanierman Gallery offers an online slideshow so that you may experience these unique interpretations of Maine’s beauty.

4 thoughts on “Slideshow: ‘Maine: An Artist’s Retreat’ (Spanierman Gallery)

  1. Shirley Stenberg

    Wonderful gift of sharing from the Spanierman Gallery and Bowdoin College.

  2. Shirley Stenberg

    The slideshow was like viewing the work of a lot of friends. As a docent at the Farnsworth Museum I am familiar with so many of these artists and paintings. It was wonderful to wake up to this gift this morning. Thank you.

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  4. arline simon

    Iam a member of the artist community on Monhegan Island and represented in “Monhegan, the Artists’Island”, Down East Books.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful exhibition.

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