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Profile: Mark Hendrickson ’07 (Bowdoin Magazine) Archives

Mark Hendrickson '07

Mark Hendrickson '07 (Illustration by Chelee Ross '12)

Hometown: Menlo Park, California

Title: Co-founder and CEO of a tech startup called Plancast

Bowdoin ties: None, but my Dad grew up in Kittery, Maine, and almost went to Bowdoin on scholarship. Unfortunately for him, he was ultimately enticed to leave the state for Brown.

Bowdoin Major: Economics


Twitter: @mhendric

Favorite Bowdoin memory (that we can print): Each morning rowing on the New Meadows when the sun came up over the trees and instantly thawed out all of us sitting there shivering in our unisuits

Greatest influence: Teachers, professors, and counselors I’ve had over the years, as well as many people in my industry that I admire.

Song playing on my iPod right now: “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

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I can’t live without: Having a purpose, whether in work or my personal life (hopefully both).

The coolest thing about my job is: I get to create things on a daily basis and learn about how to build a business from scratch

Last blog I read:

If you call me in 12 years, you’ll find me: Managing a web startup in New York City.