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Alison Wade '97

Alison Wade '97 (Illustration by Chelee Ross '12)

Hometown: Amherst, Mass.

Bowdoin Major: Women’s Studies

Title: Cross Country Coach, Siena College

Greatest influence: My parents always set a high standard and a good example for my sisters and me. They have always supported us, whether or not we meet that high standard.

Motivation to start running: I used to dread running the mile in gym class, but once I started training, running got so much easier. I loved that it was a sport that clearly rewarded hard work; I enjoyed challenging myself.

Most rewarding part my job: I have a quote on my office wall that reads, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” I love helping people achieve their goals, and watching them develop qualities which make them great family members, community members, employees, and people.

Favorite running spot: Anywhere I can run on relatively well-groomed trails through the woods.

One thing every runner should know (and doesn’t): Most runners are pretty smart. The non-runners should know that even if it feels impossibly hard when you first try it, distance running gets exponentially easier if you stick with it, and can even be quite enjoyable. The rewards of being a runner are amazing. There’s a reason so many of us do it-we’re not actually crazy.

See Alison’s book, The Runner’s Cookbook, in the Bookshelf section of Bowdoin magazine, Spring 2010.

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