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Baseball – The University of Southern Maine pounded out 20 hits and had a pair of huge innings en route to a 15-12 win over Bowdoin Tuesday afternoon. The Huskies improve to 19-15 this season while the Polar Bears drop to 20-11 overall.

2 thoughts on “Polar Bear Scoreboard

  1. Tom Walsh

    I am a big fan of Bowdoin sports – and sports in general. Lately, however, it has occurred to me that the constant, daily “lead” from the Sun is the Bowdoin Scoreboard. It may well be the “most popular” or the “most hit” component of this e-publication. But this is still a college publication. I fear that our collective priorities might be slipping out of whack…or descending into the den of uber-competitive NESCAC athletics…not a pretty place at all. While I suspect that I am in a distinct minority on this one, I urge you to abandon the primary tenet of Journalism 101 and “bury the lead.” Post the Scoreboard regularly – daily even – but not in the top spot on the menu. Fans will find it. Others might find non-sports related stories that are more to their liking more quickly. For what it is worth…
    Tom Walsh ’83

  2. Mike Coster '57

    That’s OK Tom –just keep reporting on Polar Bear athletics. I depend on site to learn of Bowdoin acomplishments on the sports realm. I keep in touch daily and before the Internet I was completely devoid of Bowdoin Info unless I called our capable and devoted Class Secretary Ed Langbein

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