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Douglas Kennedy ’76: ‘Unputdownable’ (Irish Times) Archives

London’s Daily Mirror picked The Moment (Simon & Schuster), a new novel out this month from best-selling author Douglas Kennedy ’76, as the Book of the Week of April 29-May 5, giving it four stars and calling it “Hot stuff in a cold war.” In it’s latest issue, British magazine Red listed The Moment as one of its “Top Three Must Read Books.” The Irish Times calls it “unputdownable,” and Kennedy a “classy purveyor of the gripping yarn.”

The Moment tells the story of middle-aged writer Thomas Nesbitt, living a quiet, private life in Maine, trying to recover from the end of a long marriage. His solitude is disrupted one wintry morning by the arrival of a box postmarked Berlin and with a name that unsettles him completely-the name of the woman with whom he had an intense love affair almost 30 years earlier under the deep shadow of the Cold War.

A smashing write-up in The London Times reads, “This introduces a thriller element to a novel that is already a complete love story and an edifying piece of creative historical journalism, but that is Kennedy’s great skill: the ability to deliver beyond one genre and satisfy on every level…Kennedy is an absolute master at love stories with heart-stopping twists, but even if you know this and read along expecting the unexpected, the denouement will have you feeling about as intense as printed words can make you.”

While on campus June 2-5 for Reunion Weekend, Kennedy will present a “Back to School” series screening of a French film L’Homme Qui Voluait Vivre Sa Vie, based on his best-selling novel The Big Picture, which was a box-office and critical sensation when it opened in France last year.

Kennedy’s novel The Woman in the Fifth, will soon hit theaters with actress Kristen Scott Thomas in the role of titular femme fatale.