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Bowdoin among ‘Pop Culture’s College IDs’ (Washington Post) Archives

Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd, played by Maine native Patrick Dempsey, has three times worn a Bowdoin tee, including in the March 31, 2010, episode ("Sympathy for the Parents").


Actual colleges pop up across the fictional landscape, helping to further define a character’s background.

While this Washington Post article mentions that alumnus Nathaniel Hawthorne drew upon memories of the College in Fanshawe, Bowdoin has had a supporting role in other vehicles, as well.

A two-year campaign to adopt Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Derek Shepherd resulted in the character’s wearing a Bowdoin T-shirt, not once but three times over the years.

And an episode of the hit HBO show The Sopranos, in which young Meadow Soprano applies to Bowdoin, was included in TV Guide‘s list of the greatest episodes of all time.


2 thoughts on “Bowdoin among ‘Pop Culture’s College IDs’ (Washington Post)

  1. Christopher Hanks '68

    And, of course, Kappa Sig at Bowdoin in the 1960s became the model for the Delta Tau Chi fraternity in “Animal House” (1978.

  2. Nina Winham '84

    And references to “Androscoggin College” made by Hawkeye Pierce in MASH also link back to Bowdoin, where the author of the original MASH novel, Richard Hooker (real name Richard Hornberger) was a member of class of 1945.

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