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Abelardo Morell ’71 to Receive 2011 Infinity Award Archives

Abelardo Morell '71

Renowned artist Abelardo Morell ’71, whose gallery of camera obscura works appears in the May 2011 issue of National Geographic, is being honored with one of the International Center of Photography’s 2011 Infinity Awards.

The awards were created in 1985 to bring attention “to outstanding achievements in photography by honoring individuals with distinguished careers in the field.”

The awards will be presented May 10 at Pier 60, New York City.

3 thoughts on “Abelardo Morell ’71 to Receive 2011 Infinity Award

  1. Erik Jorgensen '87

    So well deserved! It’s a great body of work. I was thrilled to hear about this, and delighted to see, when poring over the latest _Geographic_ with my son, the great selection of pictures. Congratulations.

  2. Monica Kelly "78

    Congratulations, Abe. Your pictures continue to bring joy and a sense of wonder to all who see them. You are most deserving of this recognition.

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