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Return of ‘The Bowdoin Gourmet’ Archives

Bowdoin foodie extraordinaire, Danica Loucks ’13, has taken the apron from Mark MacGranaghan ’09 and lit a fire under The Bowdoin Gourmet. The popular blog that MacGranaghan launched while a student to “explore the dining experience at Bowdoin” – Bowdoin’s Dining Service has regularly topped the national college dining surveys – had been on ice since his graduation. As manager of the Bowdoin Outing Club kitchen, a student manager in Thorne Hall, and a co-leader of Bowdoin’s Taste for Change, Loucks brings to the table a fresh and authoritative voice on campus foodstuffs. Bienvenue, Bowdoin Gourmet, and bon appetit!

One thought on “Return of ‘The Bowdoin Gourmet’

  1. Linda

    When my son and my daughter were Bowdoin students, I heard of their great meals on many occasions. Now that I’m retired to Brunswick and have a little more time to experiment with cooking, I found lots of inspiration from the recent Bowdoin Gourmet. Thanks for the fresh ideas; can’t wait to make supper tonight!

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