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Hannah Howe '09 and Sam Howe '77

Hannah '09 and Sam '77 Howe (Illustration by Chelee Ross '12)

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Professional Title: Chief Marketing Officer, Time Warner Cable

Bowdoin ties: Daughter Hannah ’09

Bowdoin Major: History

Twitter: @howemarketing

On the future of cable television: Right now, many people are saying cable is going to be marginalized in the new media world but, as Mark Twain famously said, “reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” As many bundled customers know, cable also offers high-speed data on which a Netflix movie arrives in the home. So cable has an ongoing role to play at least in high-speed data, and even more so when you consider that DVRs (digital video recorders) outsell TiVo 10 to 1.

On responding positively to complaints about service: The industry has a ways to go. From the inside, it’s a tough job. We are one of the few services intimately involved with many rooms of the house-it’s hard to “invade” and be a winner. Having said that, Time Warner is pioneering something called SignatureHome, targeting high-end families trying to make all technology work together. It’s backed by a new thing called SignatureService that we think will break the mold and make consumers think this is not your old cable company anymore.
Favorite part of my job? Coordinating the efforts of a lot of really smart and creative marketers. There’s a lot more than advertising to marketing.

Must-see television show: 30 Rock-it’s about the business I’m in and it’s very funny.

Favorite Bowdoin memory: Doing a WBOR radio show from the elevator of the Tower (formerly Senior Center). I went up and down for four hours playing music and interviewing people.

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