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Profile: Charles ‘Marty’ Roop ’58 (Bowdoin Magazine) Archives

Marty Roop '58

Marty Roop '58 (Illustration by Chelee Ross '12)

The Bowdoin Daily Sun is kicking off a series of alumni profiles courtesy of Bowdoin magazine. Every Monday you can get a glimpse into the life of a Bowdoin grad to see what they’ve done and who they’ve become since their days in Brunswick.

Charles “Marty” Roop ’58

Hometown: Born in Eastport, Maine, grew up and went to school in Millinocket, Maine; have lived in Lisbon Falls, Maine, for 50 years.

Bowdoin ties: Brother, Dave ’60; niece, Sarah Roop ’00.

Favorite Bowdoin moment: Number one is my close, lifelong friendships with classmates and teammates from 1958. We have a large group in the area and get together often. Being elected class president and planning all our five-year reunions has been fun.

Bowdoin major: History

On baseball: I started playing baseball at age five, and I never really got over loving sports-the game itself (hitting and throwing, the competition, and the camaraderie, resulting in lifelong friendships). One of the young people I coached wrote a book about the heydays of town-team baseball in Maine, and treated me very favorably and that resulted in me being nominated into the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame [inducted in 2010]. I was just an average player who kept on going. If you’re around long enough you get noticed.

Biggest differences at Bowdoin then and now: Bigger, and now co-ed, many more extracurricular activities and majors, and no fraternities, which were the center of life when I was there.

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First thing I do in the morning: Look out the window at fields, woods and check the weather.

Music: Elvis, Sinatra and Patsy Cline

Favorite ice cream: Gifford’s French Vanilla-the best!

Best place in Maine to watch a sunrise or sunset: Any pond or lake in the state.

Favorite moments in MLB history: The Red Sox finally winning the World Series; Babe Ruth calling his homerun; Bobby Thomson hitting his famous homerun in 1951-a few of the many, many great moments.