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Polar Bear Energy Challenge Enters Home Stretch Archives

Energized by the thrill of competition, members of the Bowdoin community are doing their part to conserve energy.

Since April 1, the Polar Bear Energy Challenge has pitted building against building, with Building Dashboard monitoring and reporting their progress.

With goals of raising awareness, instilling conservation habits and encouraging a dialogue, the competition has prompted practices including: mindfulness about lights left on (and work orders for motion sensors to prevent it), requests for CFL bulbs, using a computer’s “standby” mode, and turning off coffee makers during non-peak usage hours.

“The residents of Banister Hall have been in a full court press to win the energy competition,” says Colin Joyner. “We have gone ‘all natural.’ That is, we work with just the natural light from outside instead of using our office lights and now that it’s light until 7 p.m. that is actually feasible! We have also instituted a laptop-only policy in the McKeen Center wing.”

This pilot project targeting faculty and staff wraps up April 22; a campus-wide competition to include students is being considered for next year. See how your building is faring on Building Dashboard.