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National Letter Writing Month: Revolutionary Correspondence Between George Washington, James Bowdoin II Archives

As National Letter Writing Month draws to a close, we conclude our series of Wednesday observances with a letter from George Washington to the College’s namesake, James Bowdoin II, written during the height of the Revolutionary War.

An excerpt:

“I am informed of a set of resolutions lately entered into by a convention of delegates from the four Eastern States, which if rightly represented to me, & carried into execution will be the most likely means that could be adopted to rescue our affairs from the complicated & dreadful embarrassments under which they labour, & will do infinite honor to these with whom they originate – I sincerely wish they may meet with no opposition or delay in their progress.” Read the letter.

This letter, and those of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to his sister, Joshua Chamberlain to his wife, and Neal Allen Jr. to President Kenneth C. M. Sills, are shared with help from the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives.