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Combining an obvious interest in history with that of board games, Associate Professor History Patrick Rael has created Plantation, a game in which players compete in building plantation empires in the New World.

Each card in the deck represents a colony, complete with several plantations of sugar, wheat, indigo coffee, and tobacco. Players take turns discovering, settling and harvesting these colonies, and taking other actions intended to construct the most effective plantation society. Rael, who also created the railroad-themed Iron Horses, entered both games in a design contest sponsored by the Web site BoardGameGeek.

One thought on “Game Designer Rael Takes History to New Level

  1. Paul de Holczer

    I did not attend Bowdoin but I found this article interesting.

    I congratulate this professor on his ingenuity in making history interesting. Unfortunately, many Americans are ignorant of history and this ignorance leads to fear and errors in foreign policy and military policy. Through a greater understanding of history we may avoid repeating the errors of the past or overestimating the efficacy of military power.

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