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Brunswick Executive Airport Open for Business (Boston Globe) Archives

It just got a whole lot easier to get to Bowdoin and Brunswick, at least if you have access to a private aircraft. On Saturday, Maine’s entire congressional delegation joined local officials and the commanding officer of the soon-to-be closed Brunswick Naval Air Station for the official opening of the Brunswick Executive Airport (BXM). Flight Level Aviation of Norwood, MA-owned by Peter Eichleay of the Bowdoin Class of 2004-is the airport’s operator. For all you pilots out there, the BXM airport guide is available here.

4 thoughts on “Brunswick Executive Airport Open for Business (Boston Globe)

  1. flying polarbear

    “No instrument approaches available until further notice. Approach lighting out of service. PAPI out of service. Rotating Beacon out of service. Bird activity in the vicinity of the airport”


  2. USAir Bear

    It’s good to see the base getting new aviation use. I plan to try to fly up there sometime.

    Flying polar bear-That stuff is pretty common. I don’t think I go to an airport without a bird warning. And I imagine the approaches have to be recertified for civilian use. That takes time. I used to manage a small airport and it took the FAA 5 years to certify a new approach.

    My next question is: when does the Bowdoin Flying Club start?


  3. Bowdoin Pilot

    As a student, I spent many hours watching the Navy aircraft from BNAS fly over Bowdoin. Later, as one of the few Polar Bear Alums stationed in Brunswick, when I would fly Navy planes past Bowdoin myself, I always felt a special connection to that patch of earth. Occasionally, (to the confusion of the other aircrew on board)I could not help but to belt out a few lines of ‘Bowdoin Beata’ as I dipped a wing to the Quad. I am sad to see the base close. But, hopefully, the reopening as a civil airfield will provide students and the Bowdoin community an equally pleasant study break and similar opportunities to explore their interest in aviation.

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