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Bowdoin Counted Among Top 10 ‘Happiest Colleges’ (Daily Beast) Archives

The plusses (an A+ in Campus Dining, and high marks for an impressive freshman retention rate) outweighed the minuses (a B- in Nightlife; really?) to bring Bowdoin in at #10 on The Daily Beast‘s list of The 100 Happiest Colleges.


2 thoughts on “Bowdoin Counted Among Top 10 ‘Happiest Colleges’ (Daily Beast)

  1. Holly

    James – The heading is there, you just can’t see it. It appears they coded their website so that links you’ve visited turn black (which then makes them disappear into the background on these pages). If you click through any of the other colleges and then come back to their pages on this site, their headings appears to be gone, too.

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