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Arctic Anniversary: 102 Years Since Peary Claimed North Pole Archives

American flag and sledges at the North Pole in April 1909 during Robert Peary's expedition.

On April 6, 1909,after more than a month of sledging over moving sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean, Robert E. Peary, of the Class of 1877, Matthew Henson and four Inughuit men stood at the northernmost place on earth.

Peary recorded his feelings about that day in his journal:

“The Pole at last!!! The prize of 3 centuries, my dream and ambition for 23 years. Mine at last.”

Such journal entries by Peary, MacMillan and others on the expedition have been included in the Northward Blog, which allows you to follow the daily activities of various expedition members. And for more information on all things Arctic, visit the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum & Arctic Studies Center.