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Video: ‘The Music Never Stopped’ by Greg Johnson ’77 Opens Nationwide Archives

The Bowdoin community was treated in February when film producer Greg Johnson ’77 premiered his new movie, The Music Never Stopped, on campus. Based on a true account, it is the story of a young man with a brain tumor that leaves him without the ability to form new memories. He reconnects with his parents, and with life, through music therapy and the sounds of his formative years-The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and especially, the Grateful Dead.

The opening night screening at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, The Music Never Stopped debuted in select theaters in March, and opens nationwide on April 1. Check out showings in your area.

3 thoughts on “Video: ‘The Music Never Stopped’ by Greg Johnson ’77 Opens Nationwide

  1. Noel Webb

    Greg, if you’re in LA, I’d enjoy talking with you. I supply, write, and play music on films for a living. I very much enjoyed your work. Noel Webb

  2. Cathy Fogler

    Greg: Congratulations! I am sorry that I missed the showing at Bowdoin, but look forward to seeing it soon. Cathy

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