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Knut the polar bear. Image:

Knut, the polar bear cub who gained international celebrity in 2007 when abandoned by his mother and raised by keepers in the Berlin Zoo, died unexpectedly there on Saturday, prompting criticism of his care and mourning from fans around the world.

One thought on “Mourning Knut the Polar Bear (Daily Beast)

  1. Keith Halloran '77

    I fell in love with Knut and shared my enthusiasm in early 2007 about his birth and tragic rejection, and his saving by compassionate humans who provided protection and nurture and friendship and Global Love. His demise was unexpected yet prescient – and I suspect that his mother might have known something … that the planet is off course, and that the balance for life has lost it balance. His death has stunned me … and it hurts a lot. Something is wrong … that’s what I keep hearing …

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