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Bowdoin’s Potholm Joins Maine’s Congressional Delegation in Reacting to US Actions in Libya (MPBN) Archives

“It seems to me there’s a great deal of ambiguity as to whether we’re there for regime change, to take sides in a civil war or simply to prevent Gadhafi from over-running a couple of cities in the far East,” says DeAlva Stanwood Alexander Professor of Government Christian Potholm in a segment airing on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

Potholm, along with Maine’s congressional delegation, weighed in on President Obama’s decision to take military action in Libya without congressional approval.

The segment mentions that Potholm, author of Winning at War: 7 Keys to Military Victory Throughout History (Rowman & Littlefield, 2009), teaches, among other things, conflict simulation and conflict resolution.

5 thoughts on “Bowdoin’s Potholm Joins Maine’s Congressional Delegation in Reacting to US Actions in Libya (MPBN)

  1. john Gibbons

    Good for you, Chris. Exposing the double standard. If this action had been initiated by George Bush (or any Republican President), Senators Shumer, Reed, and Kerry (esp. the latter) would be all over it. Their silence speaks tomes.

  2. Martin Gray (1959)

    Only Monty Python could have done this war better. The President of the United States launches a military attack on a foreign country that is no imminent threat or danger to the United Sates and then immediately flies off to Brazil for a vacation. The Secretary of Defense states on Meet the Press that there are no national interests at stake in this conflict, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs admits he has no clear idea of what the mission is or what the end game looks like. It’s the usual argle-bargle from members of Congress and the administration as the nation wanders aimlessly into the middle of a civil war. I hope some one in D.C. has the presence of mind to hit the reset button.

  3. Peter H. Dragonas, M. D.,'59

    Chris Potholm, Bowdoin ALum, professor extrodinaire, friend to many, great listener, yet oracle-like in his responsSes has done it again. It is time for him to be part of what he researches and then teaches. I believe he could consider running for the Senate or Congress where realities may lead into actual truths. He may choose to visit embattled sites wherever USA “Interests” are defined. Then Brunswick again to share the podium of experience and history as it truly unfolds. I have been to the Arab League Countries on three occasions, once for my religion. and twice with Harvard Colleagues to experience the progress of medicine. My first trip started in Tstambul, covered Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel. There are places that we experienced in 1965 have changed notably by the arms they bare. Lybia, like their neighbors, has give birth to a generation of professionals educated globally. The movement toward relocation after tasting a free way of conducting human business has changed. The movement to other free countries calls them to understand the need to bring a kind of democratic free governance and practice back home. I congratulate our President, Secretary of State, ,and our distinguished Secretary of Defense for their action. I truly believe they will be applauded in the end by those who live in a free society. Chris this event may be a key for you to bring some sense to Washington: A Bowdoin legacy!

  4. Barry N. Miller '59

    We’re handing over “command and control” of the Libya operation to NATO and the commander will be a Canadian. Does Canada have an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranian? Does this mean that our resources will be withdrawn? Or more likely will our forces be commanded by a person directed by NATO politicians? (a well known bunch for rapid, quality decisions on how to spend our money)

    Where are the “rebels” getting all the late model pick-up trucks they could ever ask for? If you were a Libyan owner of a late model pick up truck, would you risk losing it by lending it to the “freedom fighters”? I’m sure the loss wouldn’t be covered by insurance.

    How many people are aware that the acknowledged leader of the “freedom fighters” is a professed member of Al-Quaeda who recently fought against is in Afganastan?

    Why is our press not asking these questions?

  5. Peter H. Dragonas, M. D.,'59

    The key statement came from the Hon. Second of State, Hilary Clinton. We are “PARTNERING” with those who have “partnered” with us to protect American interests (in the past)! We will expect further analysis by Chis Potholh. Maybe this could a good opportunity to do a “National Symposim”” on the subject. It could be organized within TWO weeks. PHD, MD. 9177830100

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