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Bowdoin’s State Champion Curling Team Brushes Up for Nationals Archives

Having swept up not only the state championship, but a third-place finish in the Boston Collegiate Tournament as well, Bowdoin’s new curling team will be among 32 teams competing in the National College Curling Championships March 11-13 in Chicago.

(L. to r.) Carl Spielvogel '13, Evan Boucher '11, Margot Haines '13, Jay Tulchin '13, Andrew Hancock '13, Molly Krueger '13, Brian Jacobel '14 at the Belfast Curling Club.

Team founder Carl Spielvogel ’13 says the team got one last chance to “throw some stones” at the curling facility in Belfast over the weekend and will leave Thursday for the event.

4 thoughts on “Bowdoin’s State Champion Curling Team Brushes Up for Nationals

  1. Peter H. Dragonas, M. D.,'59

    The senior WHITES are very Proud of the POLAR CUBS and their extending the selection of ice sports at The College. I believe we have achieved a leadership role in the college sports arenas! SPORTS at Bowdoin have become ” A University Within a College “. Many institutions have thinned the menu of selections due to financial anemia. President Mills and the investment advisors that run the Endowment(same group used by Huntington Museumn, Library, and Gardens Endowment) are to be thanked. They have been the mainstay of Bowdoin’s upward directions. Of course the stewarship for the financial harvest remains with the alumni, friends, students and the whole college family, Keep the brooms sweeping and stones moving! PHDragonas ’59

  2. Doug Mutch

    Congratulations on your State Championship and all the very best at the National Championships in Chicago !

    Doug Mutch
    London, Ontario, Canada

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